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We believe food lovers should have an amazing ordering experience for their delivery. We think this should be possible to enable us serve your want and need when it comes to satisfying your appetite.
Naija Restaurant is one of the Sundry Foods' restaurant brands, operating in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) segment, the brand has established itself as a market leader and one of the fastest-growing restaurant brands in New England Area . Naija Restaurant caters to the unique preference of the general populace in this part of America for its local dishes. Our unique menu consists of select popular contemporary and Nigerian offerings

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What Say Our Customers Your feedback means the world to us, it's how we improve our level of service. Feel free to share your experience if you've stayed with us before..


We put our customers needs above all else, and we strive to exceed their expectations.


We are committed to creating a top of the line SaaS product & reaching new heights.


We want to shape a new future, whilst always advancing our ethics & honesty.


To us, great isn't good enough. So we took it upon ourselves to deliver constant improvement.

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